Plantaže d.o.o. for the production and processing of plants

We are producing chamomile in the ecological system and processing ecological and conventional chamomile and other herbs and sipces in our own processing plant

Production of chamomile

Urod kamilice - Plantaže d.o.o.Plantaže d.o.o. deals with the agricultural activity of the production in the ecological system and the processing of the chamomile in its own processing plant. Chamomile is produced on 160 hectares of agricultural land.

In addition to its own production, the company cooperates with numerous subcontractors from the region, who produce ecological and conventional chamomile on their own surfaces. Complete production of the company is placed on the EU market (Western Europe).

From its foundation to the present day, the business of the company is driven by the aspiration to meet the needs of the buyers and the creation of the product with the highest degree of processing, taking the attention to environmental protection.

The production of the company is based on the rounded manufacturing and technological process, in terms of the complete processing of the agricultural land concerned within the framework of sustainable agricultural management and ecological agricultural production, basic processing of agricultural raw materials (medicinal herbs - camomile) and production of agricultural semi - finished products for foreign customers (various degrees of camomile fraction).

Chamomile is a self-propagating herb spread all over the world, a one-year species, can be grown as a monoculture, but there are special breeding rules.

Certificate of Food Safety Management System ISO 22000:2018

The certificate confirms that the established and maintained management system complies with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 22000:2018