Project title: Visualization of branded Croatian chamomile will create better export opportunities

An important factor of chamomile consumer buying ability is the chamomiles high quality, especially of its essential oils, which are very high quality in the regions of Podravina and Slavonia where Plantaže d.o.o. produces and buys chamomile and where there is a tradition of growing chamomile for over 50 years. The aim of our company is to attract major European and global tea factories to trust the quality of our product which suits the demand of a wide spectra of consumers which are ecologically aware and try to live a healthy life. Therefore, the label „Croatian quality“ should tell the buyer that, without any doubt or extra examination, they can be sure that they are buying a product of high quality.

The quality label will help increase recognition of Croatian products on the global market and the company will strengthen its position on the demanding market which seeks high quality chamomile with high levels of essential oils that are grown as far as possible from pollution, on fields that are untreated with pesticides and other harmful substances and that are away from roads which the company assures by growing its own chamomile on an integral production-technological cycle in the boundaries of sustainable agriculture and ecological agricultural production.

Total value of the project: 65.500 HRK
Amount financed by the EU: 64.000 HRK (100% of the accepted project costs)

Contact person for more information:

Kristina Galjar, development manager
mob. +385 (99) 357.3980,
email: kristinaplantaze(at)