Plantaže d.o.o..

Polje kamilice - Plantaže d.o.o.Plantaže d.o.o. is a family business that has been operating since 2005 with headquarters in Pitomača. It deals with breeding and processing of chamomile on about 900 ha of agricultural land, which includes 158 ha of own production in the ecological system and about 750 ha of conventional chamomile in co-operation. The company employs 47 people annually. Co-operatives are multi-year business partners, and cooperative relationships are based on precisely defined and contracted technology-manufacturing processes, with constant supervision of their own professional service. The chamomile is produced in a controlled and secure way, proving the implemented quality systems.

The company's production and business plans are based on a highly successful and long-term cooperation with foreign contractors, and as a confirmation there are many years' contracts with the same. It is important to point out that the company is primarily oriented to 100% export and market niche that has been stable for many years on the world market.

Stable long-term production, high quality standards and excellent business relationships with partners ensure successful business, and that is not easy to achieve in the agricultural business. Moreover, organic cultivation methods (such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers or hormones) are not used in organic production, which allow higher yields.

Strategically thinking about the future and accepting contemporary trends that emphasize the growing awareness of the importance of living in harmony with nature and the consumption of environmentally sound food, as well as the demographic trends of the European population associated with increasing health care, the company has left integrated production in 2014, and is turning exclusively to ecological production and processing.

Our Certificates and Guarantees

In order to highlight and demonstrate that it offers a high quality product, at the beginning of 2017, the company implemented several certificates:

ISO 22000:2018 FSC - Food Safety Management System with HACCP system

IISO 22000:2018 FSC proves that food is safe at the time of consumption and encourages acceptance of the process approach and the need to define responsibility and control measures for all food chain participants.

Bio Garantie Hrvatska
certificate for the ecological processing of chamomile